About Me

When I discovered the world of marketing photography more than 15 years ago, I felt like I had found my place, my people. I had found a profession that was the perfect match for my background in photography combined with my culinary degree and personal drive to create and explore. 

From my first day in the studio, I eagerly embarked on a wide range of projects, from clothing and bedding to room scenes and location shoots, but always felt a strong pull towards food styling. 

Food styling allows me to combine my fervent attention to detail with my love for both food and photography. Not everyone would enjoy meticulously moving grains of rice, sorting through trays of cereal for "hero" pieces, or polishing chocolates.  I do. 

I especially love the camaraderie and  teamwork that drive a good photo shoot. Collaborating with a talented team to create beautiful work is truly my favorite part of working in this industry. 

Some of the clients I’ve worked with include Kraft, Kellogg’s, Peapod, Walmart, Midwest Dairy, Nutella and CVS. I look forward to the possibilities of working with you!

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